Faith in Art Gallery

Spring Show - 2013

Light, Dirt & Longing
Exploring Genesis in the Jewish and Christian Traditions
April 21 - May 19, 2013

Light, Dirt & Longing is the outcome of a class co-taught by Pastor Benjamin Larson-Wolbrink of Beacon's First Presbyterian Church and Rabbi Brent Chaim Spodek of Beacon Hebrew Alliance. 

The first three chapters of the biblical book of Genesis tell the story of the origins of the universe and humanity. Come and discover what these stories mean in the Jewish and Christian tradition, and what they might mean for us today. 

Participants in the six-week class will be invited to submit artwork on these themes to be displayed in the Faith in Art Gallery at the First Presbyterian Church in Beacon.

Participating Artists


* Julia Alexander * Jennifer Alfasso * Ori Alon * Michael Arginsky  * Gene Borcherdt * Peg Borcherdt  * Dennis Connors * Deb Davidovits * Wendy Gross-Alexander  * Itty Neuhaus * Jennn Partlow * Robert Paschal * Katrina Ross-Zezza  * Carol Sneyd * Glen Sneyd * Peter Sheehan * Jean-Marc Superville Sovak * Lauren Walling * Peter West *

Light, Dirt & Longing


Fall Show - 2012

Opening October 27, 2012

Blue Collar Blues—

Celebrating the Struggle & Satisfaction of our Labor

Faith in Art Gallery is pleased to announce its latest art exhibition: Blue Collar Blues.  The show will feature visual artwork in a variety of mediums that explore the challenge and the calling of what we consider our work; domestic or industrial, creative or habitual.  The show will also feature memorabilia and artifacts from the rich working history – past and present – of generations of Beaconites, blurring the line between art and artifact.

Blue Collar Blues includes works  by; Michael Arginsky, Carol Bailey, Stephen Clair, Dennis Connors, Kristen Cronin, Theresa Gooby, Jurek, Basha Maryanska, Robert Paschal, Michelle Rivas, Peter Sheehan, Glen Sneyd, Kat Statenborough, Jean-Marc Superville Sovak, Rachel Thompson, and Katrina Ross Zezza

The public is invited to an opening reception, Saturday October 27, from 4 – 7 p.m. including live music and refreshments.  The exhibition may be viewed on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1pm to 5pm through January 27, 2013.  Admission is free. 

 *The Faith in Art Gallery is a ministry created to facilitate conversation and expression at the intersection of faith and the arts, with the creative community of Beacon providing fertile soil for this experiment.


Spring Show - 2012

"Who Do You Say That I Am? (Luke 9:20)" 
Discovering Images of God-with-Us in the Gospel of Luke 

Opening - Sat. June 9, 4-6pm
Show extended to July 29
Saturdays & Sundays 1-5pm

This show - the inaugural endeavor of the Faith in Art Gallery at First Presbyterian Church - is a collection by artists from diverse backgrounds who read the Gospel of Luke and created work based on their discoveries.

The author of the Gospel of Luke attempted "to write an orderly account" about Jesus of Nazareth. The challenge is that the Jesus revealed in the Gospel of Luke is far from "orderly." From the first sermon Jesus delivered in his hometown synagogue, people pondered who he was. The followers of Jesus continued to ponder who he was, long after his ignoble death and testimonies that he had been seen alive again. 

The work in this show is an attempt by each artist - from their unique perspective - to engage the question people asked about Jesus, the very question he turned around and asked his own disciples: "Who do you say that I am?"

Participating artists:

Chris Albert
Peg Borscherdt
Stephen Clair
Dennis Connors
Elia Gurna
Peter Iannarelli
Joshua Lenaburg
Clair Lofrese
Kirsten Kucer
Emily Otto
Robert Paschal
Jean-Marc Superville Sovak
Peter Sheehan
Sue Walsh
Lauren Walling
Katrina Zezza

The Faith in Art Gallery is a new ministry of the First Presbyterian Church of Beacon, a congregation committed to serving our community. This gallery was created to facilitate conversation and expression at the intersection of faith and the arts, with the creative community of Beacon providing fertile soil for this experiment.

"Religion and art," shares Gregory Wolfe, founder of Image: the Journal of Art, Faith, and Mystery, "have always shared the capacity to help us to renew our awareness of the ultimate questions: who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going." In this light, the Faith in Art Gallery seeks to provide space for serious art based on a serious conversation with faith. We hope to explore a variety of texts and themes - engaging the ultimate questions - for future shows.

This gallery was created by the vision of members of First Presbyterian Church and with help from a generous grant by the Challenge to Change program of
Hudson River Presbytery.

Below you'll find a video of Pastor Ben Larson-Wolbrink describing the vision behind Faith in Art Gallery and "Who Do You Say That I Am?."

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Watch Pastor Ben talk about the artwork in the show in both a scriptural and spiritual context.

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